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Reduce OR contamination and the potential for surgical site infections.

Make the OR environment cleaner and safer without sacrificing absorbency and drapeability.


“…a wound containing foreign material is

highly susceptible to infection even if few microorganisms are present.”

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Embolism -- “Unintentional foreign body emboli remain common in modern angiographic practice and are probably underappreciated clinically. Particulate embolization, which is usually a cotton fiber, is present in as many as 25% of resected arteriovenous malformations….”

Graph on Computer

Compared to traditional cotton towels and other nonwoven towels, the ESSENTIA® ultra low lint towel generates extremely low levels of particulate while still being highly absorbent.



  • Low lint

  • Highly absorbent  

  • Sized right 

  • GrabTab  

  • Consistent fold/clean

  • Low cost

  • Reduce waste

  • Muliple colors 

  • Made in USA & patent pending 

Reduces total lint in OR

​Controls fluids

​No changes in function

Same opening technique

Reduces variation in use

Lowers acquisition costs

Lowers disposal costs

Meet various needs in the OR


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